Rates for Commissioned Music 

Writing/Recording/Mixing Included
Custom, royalty-free music, exclusive to your project! 


Per approved Sound Effect

I write effects in batches


Per 30 seconds of music
Most game soundtracks
fit here


Per 30 seconds of music
Full Orchestra
Trailer Music

Game Genres/Music Styles

Roguelike, Metroidvania , RPG and ARPG, MMORPG, Platformer, Card Game/Deck-Builder, Shooter, Fighting, RTS, Sandbox, Endless Runner, Puzzle, Party Game, Sci-fi, Horror, Fantasy, Western, Adventure, Pinball...

Retro Chiptune (8 bit, 16 bit), NES, SNES/GBA style, Classical, Cinematic Orchestral, Epic Fantasy Orchestral, Hybrid Orchestral, Modern Sci-Fi Synth, Trailer, Metal, Ambient, Experimental, Synthwave, Lofi, Jazz, Solo Piano/Guitar...

How to Hire Charles Wolf Music

Tell me about your project:
What style of music?
Examples from other soundtracks?
Does any of my music have the right sound?
How many tracks do you need for your project?
How long for each track?
(2-3min per track is standard length)
Tracks can loop or have a clear intro and ending.
Email: charleswolfcomposer@gmail.com
Sign Standard Music Contract:
Review Contract Terms Below
Download Music Contract PDF
Sign the contract and email it back to me.


Send $50 non-refundable deposit.
Venmo: @CharlesWolfMusic
PayPal (5% Processing Fee)

My Process

Next, I will work up some short demos
for you to listen too and give feedback.
Then I will write the tracks full length.
Once they are approved,
full payment will be due. 
Turn around:
10 business days.

Email: charleswolfcomposer@gmail.com

Contract Terms and Conditions

For licensing: you have exclusive royalty-free rights to use the music in your specific game or project that it was commissioned for, for the purposes of marketing that game or project via social media, on related platforms (itch.io, steam...), and on your website. 

You agree to credit Charles Wolf Music in the game and on all platforms where the game/project appears:
Music By Charles Wolf Music.

Each commissioned track will be exclusive to your project. 

I complete commissioned tracks within 10 business days.

I agree to never resell commissioned work to other developers or studios.  

I retain the right to use the music for my portfolio, here on this website, and for my own self-promotion on social media (links back to your project will be included).

I request one title image from your game or project to include here on my website as well as some gameplay footage to use in my project reel. 

I allow for one round of revisions per track. After that, I consider it a new track, requiring a new deposit from you.

If you have any additional requests, questions or concerns please email me: charleswolfcomposer@gmail.com  

Full copyright buyout negotiable.    

Email: charleswolfcomposer@gmail.com