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Music Assets

Music Assets and Music Asset Packs were created with indie developers in mind.

Premade music perfect for game jams or game demos, podcasts, trailers, etc...   

Ready to be added straight into your project. 

Professionally composed and mixed by Charles Wolf Music in HD audio quality.

By purchasing a Music Asset(s) or Music Asset Pack(s) from Charles Wolf Music you agree to the follow terms and conditions: 

1. You receive royalty free use of the music assets, these can be used in as many of your projects as you like.  

2. You will never resell, repackage, give away, or redistribute the music assets separate from your project (game, podcast, live stream...) 

3. You will credit Charles Wolf Music all places where the music is used (social media,, in the project itself...):

Music by Charles Wolf Music.   

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More music to come...