Film Music

The marriage of music and film has always captured my imagination, working together to create an experience where the whole transcends the sum of its parts.

Music evokes deep emotions, stirs the soul, and enables the powerful images to take flight, reaching that rare status of iconic.  

Together in collaboration, I desire to translate your vision for the emotional core and message of your film into the language of music, creating a unique identity with a powerful soundscape. 

—Charles Wolf   


Charles Wolf - Film Composer

Film Music Rate:

Standard rate for film music is $100 per minute of scored music.
Soundtracks/Trailer music can be commissioned by the project as well.   


Film Music by Charles Wolf:

Over That Over There | Indie Short Film
Created by Ryan Gourley and Will Karst. Chance Productions.
Film Score by Charles Wolf Music.

Tragedy of the Red House - Indie Horror Short Film

Director: Jaylen Hicks
Music: Charles Wolf Music

Contact Info
@CWolfMusic on Twitter