Ad Astra: Sci-Fi Soundtrack Kickstarter

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Ad Astra Kickstarter Launch: February 27th, 2023! 

A Sci-Fi Soundtrack Created For:
-TableTop Roleplaying Games 
-Video Game Developers

I began crafting this 11 track soundtrack in December of 2022, with it's early conception composed in 2021. As a passionate fan of Tabletop Role Playing Games, and as active Game Master, I am always looking for music to play in the background for my players. Writing the music myself, ensured I could take those story beats to the next level and hit the right vibe.

As an freelance music composer who has worked on dozens of video games, I knew I wanted these tracks to loop seamlessly and be 4+ minutes long. I wanted a great mix ambient and action that provided epic tension or the sublime feel of exploration and wonder that I needed without interrupting the flow of the game. Consequently, this soundtrack will work very well as the backdrop for video games as well as for TTRPG.

What level of pledge?

For Game Masters, I'd recommend the $15 pledge tier where you get a digital download in HD audio on release of all 11 tracks from this album for personal use in your home games!

For Video Game Developers, I'd recommend the $50 pledge tier. Not only do you get all 11 tracks in HD audio for digital download on release, but also you get a non-exclusive usage license for these 11 tracks. This gives you royalty-free rights to use the music in this soundtrack in as many commercial and non-commercial projects as you like! All the music is edited to loop seamlessly and can be put into your game engine of choice with ease.

Are there other levels of pledges? 

Yes! Full details will be available on launch, February 27th, 2023, but for now there will be the following pledge levels with different rewards for each level: 

$1 - Supporter
- Digital download 5 Ambient or 5 Action Tracks
- Digital download of all 11 tracks 

$30 - 
Digital download 5 Ambient or 5 Action Tracks + unlimited usage license for 5 
$50 - Digital download of all 11 tracks + unlimited usage license for all 
- 11 tracks + unlimited usage licenses + audio stems for all 11 tracks! 
- Custom Music Track - Limit 10

Kickstarter PreLaunch Page Link

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Kickstarter PreLaunch Page Link