What do I charge as a freelance music composer?

The most frequent question I get asked as a professional freelance music composer for indie video games is how much do I charge to write music?

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Short answer: $20 per sound effect, $100 per minute of music (most genres), and $150 per minute of music (full orchestra).

Do you offer discounts for full soundtracks? Why, yes I do, with my bundles:

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Why do you charge what you charge?

  • I've been writing music for 20+ years 

  • I went to college to study music for seven years (Masters in Music Composition/Music Theory from Texas State University).

  • I've completed over 40+ commissioned projects in the past two years.

  • With so much experience, I can get the exact right sound a client wants for their game.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this blog post helpful!
Feel free to reach out to me directly via email: charleswolfcomposer@gmail.com
Or on Twitter: @CWolfMusic - DM always open!


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