Managing Creative Tasks – 5 Easy Tips!


Managing creative tasks can feel overwhelming at times. I find that I am more aware of what I am not doing as much as what I am doing. Slowly, my head fills with too many things I want to do, and then my progress can feel like an uphill struggle. So how do improve this?

1. Everything counts. When working on a creative project, everything you do for that project counts as progress. Big motivation boost.

2. Start with the simplest task first and snowball into bigger ones. You will get more done every time.

3. Clear your head. Take breaks every 45 minutes to keep things fresh. Then get back to it!

4. The TO DO list. I keep a running to do list. Each task I want to do goes on the list with a circle next to it. When I complete a task, I simply check the circle. Not sure what to do next? Check the list. Easy.

5. Habits are powerful. I work on my creative projects every day, starting at 9am. Keep at it. Doing something for even a half hour each day will yield greater results than a more scattered approach or a marathon session. 

That's it. Those are my five easy tips for better managing your creative tasks.
Good luck and keep at it! You've got this, 100%!
-Charles Wolf

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