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Score Excerpt from Rosalyn's Ambition for String Orchestra by Charles Wolf Music © 2023

Charles Wolf Who? 

Hi there! I'm Charles Wolf, a professional freelance music composer with over 20 years of experience and 40 projects under my belt. I've got a Master's degree in Music Composition from Texas State University, and I'm all about creating original music that takes your project to the next level and gives it a one-of-a-kind sound. And the best part? I offer affordable rates and exclusive custom music, all with a 10 business-day turnaround time on commissions!

Why chose Charles to compose your music?  

Why choose me? Well, I've got 20+ years of music experience, including modern concert works for orchestra, choral and wind ensemble, chamber music, solo works, original songs, and soundtrack work. I've hold a Master's degree in Music Composition, and I'm always working to improve my skills. Plus, I create unique, exclusive custom music just for your project. Need it fast? No problem! I'll have your commissioned music ready for you in just 10 business days. Limited budget? No worries at all - I offer affordable rates and bundle deals for multiple-track soundtracks.

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With my expert music composition skills, I'll help elevate your project and give it a strong music identity that sets it apart. 
Think about your favorite video game or film of all time? Did it have fantastic music? Probably did, right? Do you feel nostalgic just thinking about or hearing the soundtrack? Music is vital to creating project identity - something that I understand better than most. Let's take your project to the next level together! 

-Charles Wolf 
Professional Freelance Music Composer
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